Sunderland scran’s first steak 

So boys and girls, this beautiful picture is of my very first steak, 17 years of like and this was my steak virginity taken and it was amazing. I devoured everything and it was a pleasure to have my steak virginity taken by such an amazing piece of meat and all for the price of £20 at the Victoria Gardens Pub in Hendon. Can you honestly believe that these two meals and a bottle of rose only cost £20 I was gob smacked but there was no room for complaints. A steak, 2 beer battered onion rings, homemade chunky chips and a fresh salad, can’t go wrong can you. A good 10/10 especially for the quality in comparison to the price. I would highly recommend that you get yourself there on a Thursday night for steak night!


2 Church Lane Scran

Doesn’t this pic just make your mouth water! If you’re a burger fan then get yourself down to 2 Church Lane in Sunderland City Centre opposite the Dun Cow because honestly it is amazing. A selection of 10 fresh organic burgers with tasty coleslaw and your choice of fries. This truly heavenly burger was named the ‘The Farmyard’. With a 3oz burger patty, crispy fried chicken with streaky bacon, cheese and a choice of sauce (I picked BBQ) with a side of cheesy fries. Everything about this burger was heavenly and I could not fault it one bit the only thing I could complain about is the fact that I had meat sweats when I was finished it. 2 Church Lane was a little expensive compared to what I was used to but it was so worth it and the service and atmosphere was great. Definite 8/10 especially if you’re a burger fan.

Sunderland Scran’s first review

I started this blog to help people in the North East (mainly Sunderland) to find some of the best places to eat based on their: quality, price, amount, service and selection. When I started going for food at different places I was never really sure where to go and I would stick to my regular Whetherspoons because you just can’t go wrong with a good old spoons as it’s cheap and cheerful. But when I started to explore more food places I wished that I had someone telling me information about every restaurant so that I knew where was really good and where wasn’t.


My first review was for the infamous Kaspa’s I discovered it about 2 years ago when I was in Newcastle with a few friends. Recently there has been a Kaspas opened in Sunderland and I was there within the first week I was dying to try this amazing new desserts place. The inside is magical it is so sparkly and pink and just WOW I felt amazing just walking in. So we sat down and looked at this endless menu of cookie dough, cakes, cheesecake, ice-cream, sundaes, waffles and crepes in a lot of different flavours! So after about 20 minutes I finally made my decision to have a Nutella and Strawberry waffle with a side of ice cream. When it came it looked so tasty my mouth was watering; lashings of Nutella, fresh creamy whipped ice cream, a crispy yet soft waffle and fresh sliced strawberries. After stuffing my face  I felt like I had a serious food baby but it was totally worth it, it was amazing. Although the ice cream was creamier than what I’m used to it was still delicious and I’ve been about 4 more times since then and I have 0 regrets. It’s a solid 9/10 and only cost me £5.95!!! I would 100% recommend that you try it at least once in your life.